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      Wednesday 06 Feb 2008 has now rebooked more than a thousand Euromanx customers following the news that Euromanx was going out of business
      Those customers would otherwise have been stranded and have now been transferred free of charge onto the nearest available service to Belfast. and Euromanx both offered services between Belfast City and the Isle of Man, but on Friday May 9th, Euromanx announced it was to cease trading. stepped in to make sure its passengers weren’t left behind. has already re-booked nearly all Euromanx’s Belfast passengers onto its flights and is asking anyone who was booked to fly with Euromanx between the Isle of Man and Belfast, and who still hasn’t contacted them, to email before the end of this week, so that they can be transferred onto the nearest available service.

      “Our team has worked exceptionally hard over the weekend and re-booked the majority of the stranded passengers in a very short space of time”, says’s communications director, James Filleul. “The news that Euromanx was to cease trading came out of the blue on Friday morning, and we reacted within thirty minutes to announce that we would step in to pick up their Belfast passengers free of charge – over the weekend alone we dealt, with over 1000 enquiries and these are still coming in”. will leave the offer open to Euromanx customers until the end of this week, 1700 on Friday 16th May. Everyone holding an unused Euromanx booking confirmation for a flight between the Isle of Man and Belfast is asked to e-mail us on before then, or write to us at Isle of Man airport.

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