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      Wednesday 10 Nov 2010

      10th November 2010 - Today, easyJet, Europe’s No 1 air transport network and fourth largest airline, celebrates 15 years of making air travel affordable for all.
      On this day in 1995 the inaugural easyJet flight departed from London Luton for Glasgow Airport with the strap line ‘making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans - £29 one way’. The airline has remained true to its roots and has reduced the cost of flying further by providing today’s passengers with even lower fares starting from £23.99.

      Since its very first flight, the low-fares airline has transported 330 million passengers and operates over 500 routes to 123 airports in 29 countries. Today, easyJet is Europe’s No 1 air transport network and more than 300m Europeans living within one hour’s drive of an easyJet airport. In the markets where it operates, easyJet has become one of the leading domestic airline such as in France or Portugal where it is ranked No 2 locally, when not the No 1 carrier at several airports like in Milan Malpensa in Italy or Geneva and Basle in Switzerland.

      The reason for this success: easyJet is all about simplicity! Over the past 15 years, easyJet has revolutionised the industry with a model based on simplicity and which has proved its success, as despite the economic downturn, the low-fares airline has continuously grown. And easyJet’s pioneering model is today duplicated in various industries It also has revolutionised the travel for consumers by introducing new destinations that previously were either inaccessible or unaffordable and flying to the main airports at far more reasonable fare. In less than 2 decades, easyJet has managed to convince travellers to change their behaviours and choose its low-fares model as its promise simply fit their needs: pay the right price! easyJet is today one of the most appealing brand European wide.

      Carolyn McCall, easyJet CEO said: “We’re really proud to be celebrating 15 successful years. easyJet has come a long way since that very first flight to Glasgow. We’ve grown to become the UK’s leading airline and have Europe’s number one air transport network.”

      “This is a fantastic accolade and is testament to the hardwork and commitment of the whole easyJet team. We’re looking forward to the next 15 years, continuing to provide a fantastic service along with our famous low fares.”

      easyJet’s 15 Years in Numbers

      • easyJet is the UK’s largest airline by passenger number
      • Over 15 years, the equivalent to 5% of the World’s population has travelled with easyJet
      • easyJet cabin crew have served 28,796,475 tasty bacon baguettes
      • 95,481,345 hot drinks have been consumed by thirsty passengers
      • easyJet has a leading presence on Europe’s top 100 routes and at Europe’s 50 largest airports
      • Over the last 10 years, easyJet has reduced CO2 emissions per passenger km by 25% by investing in the latest technology
      • Its 200 state-of-the-art aircraft are only 3.4 years old
      • More than 15 million people visit every month. That’s more than the combined populations of London, Paris and Berlin.
      • easyJet is in the top ten of the world’s biggest airlines