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      Tuesday 21 Dec 2010

      easyJet, this evening announced that to enable more people to get to their destination in time for the festive period, it is to allow its passengers who have been disrupted to transfer their return flights free of charge to any airport served by the airline.

      easyJet flies to 129 airports in 30 countries and this innovative move will give new options for those passengers whose flights were unfortunately cancelled due to the adverse weather over the weekend. easyJet is planning to operate around 1000 flights a day during the festive period – providing over 150,000 seats for passengers.

      easyJet, the largest UK and 4th biggest European carrier, is doing everything it can to look after its passengers. Despite the closure of a number of airports this morning and the knock on effect of the weekend’s weather the airline is planning to operate over 1000 flights today - almost 100 % of its flying programme.

      Since the start of the recent bad weather, easyJet has experienced a dramatic increase in emails/calls from its passengers. To assist its passengers it has recruited 180 additional contact centre staff and is doing the best it can to keep up with the high volume of contacts.

      easyJet has been keeping its passengers informed of the status of their flights through its website which is updated regularly and via email and text messages to passengers. Over 60,000 emails and over 36,000 texts have been sent in the last week. Hotel accommodation has also been provided to those stranded far from home with 36,000 people being accommodated tonight and over the weekend (Friday 17 – Monday 20 December).

      easyJet is already offering free transfers and refunds online to passengers. This new policy will be in force from today until 3 January 2011. Passengers taking up this option will have to organise the rest of their trip to their final destination.

      Although the circumstances are not under its control, easyJet would like to apologise to its customers for any inconvenience caused by the disruption. easyJet strongly advises passengers to check the status of their flight on before going to the airport.