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      Monday 13 Feb 2012

      Love is in the air with Flybe this Valentine’s day. The airline, which is the largest scheduled airline at George Best Belfast City Airport, has literally brought the phrase ‘love is in the air’ to life. In total, 79 couples, currently working for the airline, including seven based in Belfast, have found love with Flybe in the skies.

      With a total workforce of just under 3000 across 14 bases in the UK, Flybe has brought together the 79 couples (and still counting) who have met through the company. This equates to an amazing 6% of its workforce and includes at least 25 couples working as cabin crew and flight deck staff.

      The informal staff poll elicited an overwhelming volume of passionate and touching comments to what started as just a simple request for possible numbers: “Flying is not just a job, it is a huge part of our lives and it is wonderful to be able to talk about the day’s events with someone who understands the jargon!”: “I met my fiancĂ©e at Flybe, I’m a Dash F/O and she is a No.1”: “I met my husband nearly 10 years ago here at Flybe. We have been married 7½ years and have two lovely children, thank you Flybe!!”

      Andrea Hayes, Flybe General Manager, Belfast says: “We were always aware of quite a few couples who had found their partner here at Flybe but have been absolutely overwhelmed by the outcome of our unofficial poll. And we also know for sure that there are many others who, for one reason or another, did not stand up to be counted and that would then push numbers even higher and closer to 10% of our entire workforce. We consider this is quite possibly a record and would love to hear about any other company that feels it can beat these sort of statistics! This record must surely prove that Flybe is unmatched in determining to keep Britain – and love - on the move.”

      79 couples, currently working for the airline, have found love with Flybe in the skies