Lost PropertyIf you lose an item at Belfast City Airport, please contact our Lost Property Department via our Contact Us form.

You can also log your query with our social media teams on Facebook or Twitter.

If you leave an item of property on board an aircraft, you will need to contact the lost property department of the airline directly.

Baggage that is checked-in at the airport and does not arrive at the end destination is not classified as lost property. This is classified as mishandled baggage and should be followed up with your airline or its handling agent Swissport.

Unclaimed Lost Property

Lost property is stored at Belfast City Airport for up to two months. Lost property that is not claimed within two months of being found is recycled (notebooks, diaries), donated to charities (clothes, duty free items) or sold on, with all proceeds going to a charity of the Airport's choice.

If you would like more information on our charitable work through lost property, please contact our lost property department on the contact details above.