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Hidden Disabilities

Passengers whose disabilities are not always apparent, such as Autism, Dementia or Alzheimer’s may find the prospect of travelling daunting. That's why George Best Belfast City Airport has made available a special lanyard to ensure travelling is accessible and stress-free for all passengers with a hidden disability.

         Hidden Disabilities Lanyards

The bright green lanyards are designed to alert airport staff to those passengers who have a hidden disbilitiy and who may need additional time or consideration when passing through the airport. 

The lanyards are instantly recognisable to all employees, who have received specialised training to effectively support adults and children with hidden disabilities.

The hidden disabilities lanyards can be collected from the Special Assistance desk in the main terminal on the day of travel or in advance of travel.

They are free of charge and do not need to be returned, giving users the ability to reuse them each time they travel through Belfast City Airport.