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We are proud of the contribution that George Best Belfast City Airport (GBBCA) makes to the growing prosperity of Northern Ireland, not only as a major gateway for business and leisure passengers, but as a catalyst for direct and indirect employment opportunities in and around the airport. However, we recognise the environmental impact airport operations can have and we are committed to addressing these impacts through our environmental policy, procedures and initiatives.


Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is that: "through its programme of sustainable development, GBBCA is committed to achieving a balance between the social and economic benefits of the Airport's growth and its environmental impacts. We will work with all airport ‘stakeholders’ including, statutory authorities, airlines, business partners and local residents to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment".

Download George Best Belfast City Airport's Environmental Policy

GBBCA is a signatory to the Sustainable Aviation Strategy, a comprehensive strategy for the long-term sustainability of the UK aviation industry. The initiative brings together the UK’s leading airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers and air navigation service providers. Signatories to the strategy are committed to delivering significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxide emissions and aircraft noise over the next 15 years.

Sustainable Aviation website

For many years, we have participated in the Business in the Community Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey, a tool which allows us to compare our environmental management and performance with that of top public and private sector organisations in Northern Ireland. In 2019 we achieved Gold Status in the Survey (over 80%). The survey is reviewed and revised regularly to ensure it continues to address the key environmental priorities and to keep it challenging for participants.  


Environmental Management

In line with our policy commitment to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, we continue to monitor and, where possible, improve our environmental performance. In line with this policy commitment, the Airport has in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) to the British Standard BS8555:2016, Phase 5 (last certified December 2019). 

                                           Phase 5

Click through to view further information on Environmental Management and to find out more about how we manage energy and climate change, water consumption, surface water quality, waste, air quality and transport.


Environmental Queries & Concerns

We aim to give members of the public who wish to contact us about environmental issues an informative and friendly service. Our policy is to respond to all individuals who have contacted us provided they have supplied us with adequate contact details.

For all general environmental queries, click here to Contact Us

So what happens when you contact us?

All queries and concerns are logged on a database to enable us to monitor and analyse the nature and source of the issue.  Concerns are then forwarded within the Airport to the person most appropriate to deal with the issues raised whose duty it is to investigate and respond to the concern.

All individuals who supply us with adequate contact details will receive a response as quickly as possible. Some responses will be a matter of explanation of an event while others may entail a more detailed investigation which may take some time to complete.

Aircraft Noise & Complaints

Click here to find out more about how we manage noise, to see our noise action plan or to make a noise complaint.


Performance & Statistics


Click here to view GBBCA's 2019 Environmental Performance Report

View statistics on our performance with regards to our Planning Agreement.

Green Procurement

GBBCA recognises the impact it can have on the environment through the goods and services it procures and understands the key role that green procurement has in the pursuit of its environmental policy. Click to view GBBCA’s green procurement policy.