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Air quality

  • Our Policy

Local air quality is affected by a number of aspects of our operations including passenger and staff journeys to and from the Airport, the operation of ground support vehicles and equipment, and aircraft taxiing and holding on the apron. GBBCA will periodically monitor air quality, as required, and adopt appropriate strategies to ensure that local air quality standards and objectives are achieved.

  • Air Quality Initiatives

Air Quality Monitoring
: in 2008, GBBCA carried out a monitoring exercise of air quality at the site. This included modelling projections of future air quality. No adverse air quality issues were identified.

Fixed Electrical Ground Power
: to minimise air quality pollution, GBBCA has Fixed Electrical Ground Power (FEGP) on all aircraft stands in front of the terminal.
This reduces the need to use diesel powered mobile ground power units (GPUs) and the aircraft's auxiliary power units (APUs), both of which contribute to local air quality emissions.

Electric vehicles: there are electrically powered baggage tractors in the ground support fleet which help to reduce the Airport's impact on local air quality.