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Contacting us about noise

We aim to give members of the public who wish to contact us about aircraft noise or related issues an informative and friendly service. Our policy is to respond to all individuals who have contacted us provided they have supplied us with adequate contact details.

Click here to contact us.

Alternatively, you may contact us by telephone on +44 (0) 28 9093 5020. This is a dedicated noise hotline where your message will be recorded.

  • So what happens when you contact us?

All concerns are logged on a database to enable us to monitor and analyse the nature and source of the issue. Concerns are then forwarded within the Airport to the person most appropriate to deal with the issues raised whose duty it is to investigate and respond to the concern.

All individuals who supply us with an adequate contact details will receive a response as quickly as possible. Some responses will be a matter of explanation of an event while others may entail a more detailed investigation which may take some time to complete.

A report of all noise concerns is provided to the Belfast City Airport Forum at each meeting for discussion.