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Water use and water quality

  • Our Policy

George Best Belfast City Airport endeavours to minimise water consumption to reduce our environmental impact. Furthermore, it is our policy to monitor water quality (surface run-off) and to work closely with employees, business partners and contractors to prevent water pollution and to have procedures in place for remedial action.

  • Water Initiatives

Water Minimisation: GBBCA has invested in water saving devices such as flow reduction kits and sensors in taps in public and staff restrooms. 

Water consumption is monitored and, where possible, GBBCA recharges business partners for water use in order to incentivise water conservation.

Protecting Water Quality: As GBBCA is engaged in activities such as aircraft de-icing and fire training which could potentially impact on water quality, GBBCA holds Discharge Consents in respect of water discharged from the airport to surface water and sewers. The surface water discharge points are monitored as part of a rigorous programme to ensure compliance with the terms of the Discharge Consents and monitoring reports are held for inspection by the Issuing Authority.