Arrivals From

Flight No.


Flight Information

Edinburgh BE681 08:00 Scheduled
Manchester BE470 08:00 Scheduled
Glasgow BE121 08:15 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1414 08:25 Scheduled
Leeds Bradford BE730 09:15 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9504 09:50 Scheduled
East Midlands BE362 09:50 Scheduled
Manchester BE472 09:55 Scheduled
Birmingham BE402 10:05 Scheduled
London City BE1352 10:35 Scheduled
Southampton BE982 10:50 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI031 11:10 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1430 11:10 Scheduled
Edinburgh BE685 11:30 Scheduled
Aberdeen BE153 12:15 Scheduled
Leeds Bradford BE732 12:35 Scheduled
Manchester BE476 12:50 Scheduled
Glasgow BE127 13:10 Scheduled
East Midlands BE364 13:10 Scheduled
Birmingham BE406 13:30 Scheduled
Liverpool BE902 13:35 Scheduled
Cardiff BE284 14:20 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1416 14:20 Scheduled
Southampton BE984 15:50 Scheduled
Manchester BE478 16:00 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI035 16:40 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9516 16:40 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1418 17:20 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1420 18:55 Scheduled
Birmingham BE410 19:05 Scheduled
Glasgow BE135 19:35 Scheduled
Manchester BE486 20:25 Scheduled
*Times are subject to change. Passengers are required to check in for flight times.