Departures To

Flight No.


Flight Information

Leeds Bradford BE729 06:50 Scheduled
London City BE1351 06:50 Scheduled
Manchester BE471 07:00 Scheduled
Birmingham BE401 07:00 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1431 07:10 Scheduled
Southampton BE981 07:10 Scheduled
East Midlands BE361 07:15 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI030 07:40 Scheduled
Cardiff BE283 07:55 Scheduled
Glasgow BE122 08:40 Scheduled
Manchester BE473 08:45 Scheduled
Edinburgh BE682 08:45 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1423 09:05 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9505 10:10 Scheduled
Leeds Bradford BE731 10:10 Scheduled
Manchester BE475 10:20 Scheduled
East Midlands BE363 10:30 Scheduled
Birmingham BE405 10:35 Scheduled
Glasgow BE126 11:15 Scheduled
Liverpool BE901 11:20 Scheduled
Edinburgh BE686 11:55 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1415 12:10 Scheduled
Aberdeen BE154 12:40 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI034 13:10 Scheduled
Manchester BE477 13:35 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1417 15:05 Scheduled
Southampton BE987 16:15 Scheduled
Birmingham BE411 16:25 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9517 17:00 Scheduled
Glasgow BE132 17:40 Scheduled
Manchester BE485 18:00 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1419 18:10 Scheduled
*Times are subject to change. Passengers are required to check in for flight times.