Release Date: 16 May 2011

The forty minute pleasure flight around the Mournes and back is the latest 'Journey Project' expedition to be funded by the airport and was the first time many of the children had been on a plane.

The 'Journey Project' provides children aged 4-7 from after school groups at the Short Strand and Knocknagoney Community Centres with the opportunity to develop cross community friendships based on a series of shared experiences. The children visit local landmarks, museums, theatre, airports, identified venues for learning and take part in interactive activities throughout the year.

The children are currently creating pieces of artwork which reflect the journeys they have already participated in. This includes a visit to W5 Interactive Science Discovery Centre at the Odyssey pavilion, also funded by the airport, and more recently an educational workshop with Tony Monaghan from Bombardier in which they made a model aircraft.

To date the airport's community fund has contributed over £50,000 to local projects.

Journey Project May 2011

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