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Waste is produced from airport, administrative and retail operations. Licensed waste carriers remove waste from the site in accordance with the most recent waste legislation.
  • Our Policy
George Best Belfast City Airport will endeavour to minimise waste to landfill through the encouragement of cost effective recycling and recharging landfill waste management costs to business partners, where applicable, to encourage greater recycling.

  • Waste Initiatives
Recycling facilities have been introduced for passengers, business partners and staff to recycle a range of waste materials onsite including paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and glass.

We record and monitor waste management data to assess progress with our recycling scheme. In addition, we organise regular meetings with our business partners to promote the cost benefits of recycling and to give feedback on progress.

We have focused our efforts in recent years on saving paper through, among other things, shifting many of our document control systems from paper to electronic format, moving towards paperless meetings, and the preparation of a paper saving guide for our employees.

  • Our Performance
Recycling has gone from 0% in 2003 to 45% of total waste generated in 2010. Recycling rates decreased slightly in 2011 to 37% as the total volume of waste fell during this period by over 25%. Recycling rates fell slightly to 35% in 2012. Recycling rates fell to 27%of total waste generated in 2013.

Total waste per passenger decreased from 0.15 kilos in 2010 to 0.13 kilos in 2011 and remained at this levelin 2012. Total waste per passenger fell to 0.12 kilos in 2013.

Through our paper saving project we managed to reduce paper use by 50 boxes (250 reams) in 2011 compared with the previous year.