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Belfast City Airport Forum

In 1993, GBBCA established the first airport consultative committee in Northern Ireland. The Belfast City Airport Forum has an independent chairman and deputy chairman and comprises representatives from local authorities, residents’ organisations, the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland, the Department for Regional Development, airlines and other groups.

Meeting with airport management three times per year, the purpose of the Forum is to enable GBBCA to exchange information and ideas with those groups which have an interest in matters concerning the Airport and to allow the views of interested parties to be raised and taken into account. It is not a decision making body, however.

In addition to on-going monitoring of noise complaints and the airport's performance, the Forum will also take a more detailed look at issues of interest and concern, for example:

  •  The review of the Airport's Planning Agreement
  •  Surface access
  •  Accessibility for People with Reduced Mobility
  •  The plans to extend the runway at GBBCA
  •  GBBCA’s contribution to economic development and tourism in NI

Noise management has always been an issue on the Forum agenda. The airport continues to seek improvements in its management of noise. The Forum Environmental Sub Committee scrutinises the annual noise contour reports and has been involved recently in discussions on reporting using the airport’s noise and track monitoring system.

Discussions within the Forum have highlighted community concern about the number of delayed flights operating outside scheduled operating hours. GBBCA, in association with airlines, continues to focus attention on this issue and monthly performance statistics are posted on this website.