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This information is subject to change. Passengers are required to check in for flight times.

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Last Updated 18 Apr 2014 22:06

Departures To Flight No. S.T.D. Flight Information
Isle Of Man NM505 09:10 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9505 09:10 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9505 11:10 Scheduled
Faro EI072 06:30 Scheduled
London Gatwick EI020 06:45 Scheduled
Leeds Bradford BE729 06:50 Scheduled
Birmingham AF6553 06:55 Scheduled
Birmingham BE401 06:55 Scheduled
Manchester BE471 07:00 Scheduled
Manchester AF6469 07:00 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1427 07:05 Scheduled
Exeter BE493 07:05 Scheduled
East Midlands BE361 07:10 Scheduled
Southampton AF6405 07:15 Scheduled
Southampton BE985 07:15 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI030 07:40 Scheduled
London Heathrow AC6900 07:40 Scheduled
Edinburgh BE683 08:25 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1423 09:20 Scheduled
Cardiff BE281 10:00 Scheduled
Glasgow BE127 10:15 Scheduled
Manchester BE475 10:20 Scheduled
Manchester AF6465 10:20 Scheduled
Birmingham BE405 10:25 Scheduled
Birmingham AF6557 10:25 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1419 10:40 Scheduled
London Gatwick EI022 10:50 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9505 11:10 Scheduled
London Heathrow AC6902 12:10 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI034 12:10 Scheduled
Glasgow BE129 12:45 Scheduled
Leeds Bradford BE731 13:20 Scheduled
Manchester BE477 13:35 Scheduled
Malaga EI048 13:50 Scheduled
Southampton BE995 14:15 Scheduled
Southampton AF6403 14:15 Scheduled
Manchester BE481 15:05 Scheduled
Manchester AF6463 15:05 Scheduled
London Heathrow BA1417 15:10 Scheduled
East Midlands BE365 15:20 Scheduled
London Gatwick EI026 16:00 Scheduled
Edinburgh BE687 16:05 Scheduled
Birmingham BE409 16:25 Scheduled
Birmingham AF6559 16:25 Scheduled
Isle Of Man V9517 17:00 Scheduled
Isle Of Man NM517 17:00 Scheduled
London Heathrow EI036 17:20 Scheduled
Manchester BE485 18:00 Scheduled
Manchester EY7026 18:00 Scheduled
Glasgow BE131 18:25 Scheduled