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Fly from Belfast City Airport to Malaga with Aer Lingus from Summer 2013!

Journey into the centre, into the real Malaga of bustling bars, Moorish architecture, fine art, busy markets, friendly locals and orange blossom and jasmine scented gardens, and you soon understand why the capital of the Costa del Sol was so beloved by the likes of Hans Christian Andersen, Ernest Hemingway, Ava Gardner, David Niven, Frank Sinatra and Orson Wells.

Malaga is not only the birthplace of Picasso but also the city that the brilliant painter wanted his work to be represented in. The Museum Picasso, located in a Palace from the 16th century, is a must-see in Malaga, featuring 200 works of the Cubism father.

As well as being a cultural centre, Malaga is also a great place to eat out. The MalagueƱos love their food and the bars and restaurants here are where the real social life takes place. Try its "pescaito frito", a selection of small fried fish such as sardines and red mullet, best washed down with a glass of ice cold wine at one of the many old fashioned bodegas in town.

Malaga takes on a different face when night falls. More than just about any other city in the region, Malaga offers night owls the chance to stroll a labyrinth of inner-city streets, drinking wine at any convenient tasca and talking with friends and new acquaintances.

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