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Reduced Mobility

Belfast City Airport is dedicated to providing accessibility for people with reduced mobility throughout its facilities. From 26 July 2008, under Regulation EC 1107 / 2006, managing bodies of airports have legal responsibility for the provision of assistance services to persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air.

The Consumer Council (NI) have produced "A step by step guide for disabled and less mobile passengers".

Click here to view the guide in .pdf format


Before you book your flight, consider what assistance you will need. When booking, or no later than 48 hours in advance of travel, provide clear and detailed information to the airline, tour operator or travel agent of your assistance requirements.

  • Always check if the airline has any safety or security restrictions on certain medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders
  • You may wish the assistance you've requested to be confirmed in writing. This may help if something goes wrong and you need to make a complaint
  • If you require a person to travel with you on your journey, you can request they get a seat next to you and the airline is obliged to make all reasonable efforts to do this


  • You may be asked to provide medical clearance if your health could be affected when you fly. Check with your airline, tour operator or travel agency if this is necessary before your journey.
  • If you need to carry liquid medicines or medical equipment in your hand luggage you should bring a letter from your doctor stating you need to bring these items with you through the security area


If you have not been given any specific arrival time when you booked, then you should arrive no later than 2 hours before departure

Car parking: Blue badge holders can prebook for the long stay car park to get the best rates for parking
  • On arrival at the airport you can use the Short Stay Car Park. On entry please take a ticket from the entry barrier to gain admittance
  • Blue badge parking areas are clearly marked
  • On returning from your journey please go to the Airport Information Desk
  • Show the confirmation for the prebooking and the staff will give you a ticket to exit the Short Stay Car Park
  • Passengers who need to take their blue badge with them to use on their trip can either leave a photocopy of the blue badge in their car or notify the information desk when they come into the terminal

Disabled Passengers Car ParkDisabled Passengers Parking areas at Short Stay Car Park

Airport Express 600
: The bus has low floor and is wheelchair accessible. It operates every 20 minutes from outside the airport to the Belfast Europa Bus Centre adjacent to the Europa Hotel, in the heart of the city. The service is available between 0530 and 2205, and costs £2.20 single and £3.30 return. For futher information and timetable details click here.

Help points: You can find them in several locations. Simply press the button and speak to a controller who will advise the Assistance team.
  • There are two in the Short Stay Car Park drop off area
  • There is one on the Assistance desk inside the terminal
  • There is one in the Asistance Area in the Departures Lounge

Help Point at Short Stay Car ParkHelp Point terminal


At check in you should confirm any pre-booked assistance for boarding or arriving at your destination airport

  • Check in online: You should have the option to confirm the assistance required and select the most appropriate seat
  • Check in using a self-service desk: The staff at the airport will provide with assistance
In addition to medical equipment, you can take up to two items of mobility equipment with you. There should be no charge for this.

  • Note that if your mobility equipment is lost or damaged there are no limits on the amount of compensation airlines are required to provide. It's important to ensure your travel insurance provides adequate cover
  • If you are a wheelchair user it may be possible to stay in your own sheelchair to the departure gate. If not, your wheelchair will be checked in and you'll be transferred to an airport wheelchair
Induction loop: Check in and information areas are fitted with induction loop systems to provide hearing assistance to hearing-aid users.


Staff has received specialist training and are aware of your needs to ensure searches are carried out appropriately

wheelchairs at the terminal main entranceSeats only for disabled passengers

The first floor of the terminal building is fully accessible by wheel chair friendly lifts located in the main concourse of the terminal, and the departures lounge.

Toilets for disabled customers are available on both the ground floor and first floors of the terminal.

Sign Language
Many employees are trained to a basic level in the use of sign language.

A textphone for those with hearing difficulties is available at the information desk. A BT text payphone for sending emails is also available at the main exit door from the terminal.

Changing places
A fully equiped changing places room is located beside check-in.


Disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility are called to board the plane first. For customers who can not manage the aircraft steps, we have an ambilift available to make boarding and disembarcation easier


When on board you should not be moved from your allocated seat other than for safety reasons

  • Airlines need to ensure they communicate all essential information regarding safety briefings, emergency announcements and information regarding delays or connections to passengers
  • Assistance dogs are permitted to travel in the passenger cabin at no extra cost. However, under the UK Pet Travel Scheme, dogs are only allowed to enter the UK on certain routes so remember to check the route you wish to fly beforehand here


Disabled passengers are usually the last to leave the cabin as it is easier for you to exit once the cabin is empty. However, if you need to get off the plane quickly, you should inform a member of cabin crew.

  • Your mobility equipment should be available shortly after leaving the plane. If any of your equipment is lost or damaged the airport is required to provide a temporary replacement, however it may not be on a like for like basis.
  • Airport staff at your destination will provide assistance with:Getting off the aircraft, moving from the airplane to the baggage collection, retrieving baggage, moving through emigration and customs points, getting to any facilities that you require (toilets, shops), moving from baggage collection to a designated point, which may be the  airport car park, reaching any connecting flights.

Quality Standards
Belfast City Airport has, in consultation with representatives from disabled groups, the Consumer Council, Inclusive Mobility and Transport Advisory Committee (IMTAC) and the air carriers, established quality standards for the assistance services specified in Annex 1 of the Regulation EC 1107 / 2006.

The quality standards may be inspected by clicking here

Customer Feedback
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