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  • Our Policy

It is our policy to provide a realistic choice of transport for all visitors and staff, within the framework of the Regional and Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plans. GBBCA is conscious that there are environmental consequences from those travelling to and from the Airport and we liaise with Translink and others to encourage the use of more sustainable transport modes.

  • Transport Initiatives

With the growth of the Airport, the number of visitors and staff accessing the Airport has also grown. In response to this growth, GBBCA has developed a number of strategies to manage the surface access to the Airport:

• GBBCA has worked closely with Translink to encourage and support the development of a direct bus service between the Airport and Belfast city centre. This service currently operates up to every 20 minutes (at peak times).

• Following the opening of the new terminal building, GBBCA invested in the construction of an underpass to reduce traffic congestion on the Sydenham Bypass and ease the flow of traffic to Belfast and the motorways.

• GBBCA facilitates the operation of a direct bus service to Londonderry (The Airporter)

• The number of licensed taxis operating from the airport taxi rank has been increased.

• As a 'strategic gateway' to the province, GBBCA has been closely involved in the development of the Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan. Included within this plan are outline strategies to further encourage the use of public transport by those accessing Belfast along the North Down/A2 corridor. GBBCA welcomes these proposals and is ready to engage with Translink and others to pursue these opportunities. GBBCA will continue to work closely with government to increase the use of public transport.

  • Our Performance

Statistics on the number of airport passengers using airport bus services:

Period Airport passengers Bus passengers % of airport passengers using bus services
2008 2,560,059 167,676 6.55%
2009 2,605,359 182,598 7.01%
2010 2,725,828 207,535 7.61%
2011 2,384,929 156,603 6.57%
2012 2,251,962 146,361 6.50%
2013 2,543,038 174,640 6.87%