Belfast City Airport - FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: We do not currently have a luggage storage facility at Belfast City Airport.

Answer: Most public transport operators have arrangements for passengers with special needs and there are blue badge spaces and extra help on hand in our Airport car parks if you’re arriving at the Airport by car.

Answer: Yes, if you have booked special assistance you can bring your family with you. If you are travelling in a particularly large group, then it would be best to nominate one or two people to stay with you and meet the rest of your group after you have been through security.

Answer: The airport provides alternatives to using the stairs at most locations. When entering the departures lounge there is a lift and escalator available and when making your way to board your flight there are lifts available.

When arriving on an international flight there is a staircase. Any passengers who feel they would not be able to manage the stairs need to inform the airline so that arrangements can be made for the team to assist.

Answer: If you have a condition or disability and you feel that assistance from CCS at George Best Belfast City Airport would make your journey easier, then you should book assistance. From difficulties with mobility, to hidden disabilities, our staff are on hand to help you every step of the way.

See full details on our Special Assistance page.

If you have a disability or you experience mobility difficulties and need help to get to your flight, you should contact your airline at least 72 hours before you fly to let them know you need assistance.

If you arrive at the airport without booking special assistance, please head straight to our assistance desk and we will try to help as best we can, but we do give priority to passengers who have booked in advance.

Answer: Once through security, there is no way to exit before getting on your flight. Please note, there is no facility to smoke once through security.

Answer: Yes, anyone can request a private search for either themselves or for their hand baggage if you have a valid reason, for example a condition that you may wish to be dealt with privately or if you’re carrying items that you do not wish to be searched in a public area. Just ask a member of staff and we will arrange this for you.

Answer: You have the right to refuse to go through our security scanners, however your reasoning will be questioned by a member of staff for security reasons. The alternative can be a body search carried out in a private search area. 

Answer: Yes, you can take knitting needles or crochet hooks with you both in your hand baggage and hold luggage.

Answer: You’re allowed to take essential medicines sufficient for your trip. There is no limit on the amount, but you will be asked to provide proof such as a doctor's letter or prescription label. All medicines will be subject to additional security screening.

Answer: If you’re travelling with children, you can do the following:

• carry milk powder in your hand luggage (there are no limits for powder formula).
• carry ready-to-drink cartons of formula and self-prepared milk in your hand luggage.
• carry baby food in your hand luggage.
• All baby food and drinks will be subject to testing, which will not require the container to be opened but must pass to be allowed past the security check point.
• take buggies to the gate (although you will need to take your child out while the buggy is being x-rayed).
• take baby car seats through security for use on the plane.

We always recommend to check baggage restrictions with your airline to be sure.

Answer: Visit our Security page for full details on what you can and cannot take through security.

Answer: You can carry as many items that fit in to the 20cmx20cm clear plastic bag. There’s one bag allowed per person and it must be sealed. The bags are available for free in our security areas.

Answer: Contact the Airport's public relations agency, Lighthouse Communications on 02890 517070

Answer: It may be because it's too early or too late; or it may be that the flight operator hasn't supplied any information yet.

The flight information pages on this site show all flights due to arrive or depart at George Best Belfast City airport in the next 12 hours. Flights remain in the list for about two hours after their arrival or departure. The boards in the airport carry the same information, subject to available screen space.

The information shown is based on what airlines tell us about the progress of their flights. Updates can only come from the airline. If we know in advance about delays or cancellations to arriving flights, we'll display that information. Otherwise, status updates for inbound flights aren't normally available until the aircraft is in the air.

Answer: We do not have the facilities for tax refunds on site but the forms can be submitted at your destination airport when you fly out from Belfast City airport.

More information is available here.

Answer: Coaches over 24 seats will be allowed access to the front of the terminal to drop off or collect passengers with prior arrangement. Contact the Airport services desk on 02890 939093 and select option 4 to provide the relevant details.

The coach may still be subject to a security search before it is allowed entry to the front of the terminal.


Yes. If you have purchased a Long Stay Flex, Short Stay, Premier or Corporate booking, you can amend your booking free of charge up to your booked arrival time here

Long Stay Non-Flex bookings are not amendable or refundable.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to amend or cancel a booking once you have entered the car park. We ask you to pay for any additional time at the ticket machines in the terminal or at the barriers upon leaving. 

Answer: Yes. If you leave a personal item in the Airport or onboard an inbound flight, contact our lost property department via the online form on our Contact Us page.

For full details on our lost property procedures, visit our Lost Property page.

Answer: If your luggage has been lost or damaged, contact the handling agent working on behalf on the airline you travelled with directly on 02890 939093 and select option 2.

Answer: Yes, we provide a free curtesy bus service to and from the terminal building to the Sydenham train halt. To request this service to the rail halt, visit the Airport parking desk in the terminal building. To request this service from the rail halt, use the freephone situated on the Airprot side of the rail halt.

Answer: We have buses, trains and taxis from the airport to Belfast city centre and beyond. Visit our tourist information desk on site when you land and a meber of the team will assist you with onward travel advice.

You can also contact Visit Belfast for onward travel advice before flying.

Answer: Yes, you can purchase standalone Fast Track Security here.

This is only valid at Belfast City Airport and not your returning Airport. Also note, this is a non-refundable product.

Answer: To find out what forms of ID will be accepted, you will need to visit the identification pages of your airline or contact the airline you are travelling with directly.

Aer Lingus
British Airways
Eastern Airways

Answer: Gates open at 3.30am from 1st April until 31st October (Summer period) and at 4.30am from 1st November until 31st March the following year (Winter period).

Gates close again at 10.00pm after the last flight at night.

Retail, food and beverage outlets are open and operational from 5.00am each day.

Should you need to collect your vehicle outside of these hours (for example, if your flight has been diverted), this can be arranged by contacting the Airport beforehand on 02890 939093 and selecting option 4. You will need to supply your ID and your parking ticket.

We do not have the facilities to allow passengers to stay overnight on site or in the Airport grounds.

Answer: Check in opens 2 hours before your flight.

For domestic flights, aim to arrive 90 minutes before your departure time. For European flights, aim to check in 2 hours before your departure time.

Most check-in desks close 30 or 40 minutes before your flight departure time - please check this with your airline directly and ensure you're at the Airport in plenty of time.

Answer: Yes, there are a number of self check-in podiums at Belfast City Airport that will allow you to print off your boarding pass. If you're airline does not have a self check-in podium, a member of airline staff at the check-in desk will be able to check you in as normal and supply you with a boarding pass.

Answer: Unfortunately we do not have a luggage storage facility/service at Belfast City Airport.