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10 Things You Didn't Know About Edinburgh

Date: 14 Aug 2020

With flights to Edinburgh taking off with Aer Lingus on 27th August, we uncovered some lesser known facts about Scotland’s capital to help you make the most of your trip.

1. Edinburgh Castle is built on a volcano

The best spot in the city for panoramic views, Arthur’s Seat, is also an extinct volcano and you can even see volcanic rock at the top.
2. Edinburgh is known as the birth-place of Harry Potter…

And now you can concoct your own cauldron cocktails at the Cauldron, enjoy dinner in a Great Hall setting at The Witchery, or try Butterbeer at the Dog House – all with social distancing measures in place to ensure you have a safe trip.
3. Edinburgh has more listed buildings than anywhere else in the world

It is home to 4,500 listed buildings – 900 of which are Grade A! This includes Greyfriars KirkyardParliament Hall, and the National Museum of Scotland.
4. And more trees per head than any other city in the UK

With 112 parks across the city, Edinburgh is considered one of the UK’s greenest and is on track to be a ‘one million trees’ city by 2030.
5. The world’s one and only knighted penguin in the world lives in Edinburgh Zoo

Named Sir Nils Olav, his role includes inspecting the Norwegian Guard on their visits to the Scottish capital and since his knighthood in 2008, he’s been promoted to Brigadier.
6. Despite the unpredictable weather, Edinburgh is the world’s number one festival destination

From the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh has a festival to cater for everybody’s tastes.

Festivals in 2020 might look a bit different, but it doesn’t stop Edinburgh! Stream the Fringe Festival content into your living room or join in with the International Book Festival’s online live conversations, discussions, readings, and draw-alongs. 
7. The Royal Mile isn’t actually a mile long

Home to some of the best eating and drinks spots in the city, the Royal Mile measures just over a mile with an extra 107 yards on the end.
8. Scenes from Edinburgh feature in the game ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Creators Rockstar North are based in Edinburgh and snuck some snippets of their hometown into the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - eagle eyed players will have noticed the Kincaid Bridge is based on the Forth Bridge!
9. Edinburgh invented the Jaffa Cake

Invented in 1927 by McVitie and Price, the name was chosen for the iconic cakes after the Jaffa Oranges that they were flavoured with.

Although it was widely debated if it was a cake or biscuit, following a challenge by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs it was decided in court that they were cakes – which still stands true to this day.

10. The city is the biggest contributor to the Scotch Whiskey industry

With a total value of £3billion, the Scotch Whisky industry is not one to be sniffed at – approximately 40 bottles are shipped abroad every second and visitors can learn about its origins and history at the Scotch Whisky Experience.

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