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Pick up and Drop off at Belfast City Airport


Pick Up / Drop Off Information

Our pick up / drop off area is situated within our Short Stay Car Park, close to the terminal building, making it the perfect place to welcome home a loved one or say your goodbyes before a trip.

Belfast City Airport is the only airport in the UK to still offer a free stay period in the pick up / drop off area. You can enter the pick up / drop off area and exit again within 10 minutes (600 seconds) absolutely free of charge.

Want to stay a little longer? Take your time and pay for your stay at one of our conveniently located pay machines, or make use of our contactless payment points at the exit barriers in both Belfast and Bangor bound directions.

Within our pick up / drop off area you will also find shelter from the elements, luggage trolley bays and a Special Assistance contact point where passengers with reduced mobility can receive help getting to the terminal building and onward to their gate.

AccessAble and Belfast City Airport have worked in collaboration to create a detailed guide to assist you in getting around the airport. The app contains all of AccessAble’s guides for Belfast City Airport and is useful when moving around the airport on the go. Click here for more information.

Drive-Up Charges

Short Stay Drive-Up Charges

Length of stayCharge
0-10 mins (600 seconds)FREE
30mins – 1 hr£6.00
1-2 hours£10.00
2-3 hours£13.00
3-4 hours£15.00
4-6 hours£18.00
6-8 hours£20.00
8-12 hours£30.00
12-24 hours£40.00
Additional day or part thereof£45.00

How Pick Up / Drop Off Works


  • Drive up to the barrier, press for a ticket
  • A ticket will be issued and the barrier will lift
  • Enter the area
  • On exit, enter the ticket. The barrier will establish if a payment is required / completed 
  • If a payment is not required, the barrier will lift automatically
  • If you go beyond 10 minutes (600 seconds), you can pay at the two dedicated pay machines or via contactless card at the exit barrier

*N.B - if you leave the car park and return to enter within 15 minutes, you will be automatically charged a minimum of £3 (applicable rates applied thereafter)

How Pick Up / Drop Off Works

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